Talking Loud and Clear

Martin Cooper / OMD - Talking Loud and Clear

OMD (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark) was one of the bands of my childhood - I still remember a friend playing me OMD for the first time.  OMD are best known for the electronic sound of their music but the one instrument that stands out prominently is the  sax played by Martin Cooper.  Martin was a keyboard player as well as playing both temor and soprano sax (for instance on Talking Loud and Clear).  As a bous track, you might be interested in So in Love.

Martin Copper is now a highly accomplished still life artist.

Enola Gay

There's no sax on this (Martin Cooper is on Keyboards) - but the privilege of writing a site is an ability to break your own rules.  For me no mention of OMD could be complete without featuring Enola Gay.  Enola Gay was the B-29 bomber which dropped the atomic bomb, "Little Boy" on Hiroshima in 1946, the first time an atomic weapon was used.  The song by OMD is a powerful statement against nuclear war.

Enola Gay

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