Lily was Here

Candy Dulfer and Dave Stewart - Lily was Here

Lily was Here was the theme track to a minor 1989 Dutch movie of the same name.  It was such a compelling piece of music, that the single toppped the charts in Holland for more than a month.  Consequently, the single was launched in both Britain and America, reaching the top ten in both markets.
The guitarist for the track was Dave Stewart of Eurythmics fame. He invited Candy Dulfer to play sax.  The success of Lily was Here launched Candy Dulfer's career as a soloist - she released her first album Saxuality on the back of the hit of Lily was Here. 
There are no lyrics but the dialogue between alto sax and electric guitar is magical.  If you believe that Lily was Here is the greatest sax solo, you can vote for it in my poll.   In terms of my own vote, I found it really hard to decide between Lily was Here and Will You, although in the end Will You has my heart; Lily was Here only my head.

Dulfer and Stewart also collaborated on Cookie.