You're a Friend of Mine

Clarence Clemons / Jackson Browne - Your'e a Friend of Mine

The best known collaborations by Clarence Clemons are those with Bruce Springstein and the E Street Band, including all-time classics like Born to Run and Jungleland.  On Your'e a Friend of Mine he instead works with Jackson Browne.  It's a track taken from the Clarence Clemons' album, here.

There is a sax solo at the start of the track, another midway at 2:40 and a sax solo from 4:06 closes the track.  They are all fine enough of course, but I don't think they are his greatest work and the track itself has an annoying bobby beat.

For greater things, I'd suggest you look at Jungleland which is also the main page for Clarence Clemons on the site and has links to any other of his tracks which I add.