Clarence Clemons / Bruce Springstein - Jungleland

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It took me a long, long time to appreciate Springstein's Born to Run (1976).  It's heavier rock than I normally go for.  I gradually got into it and I've now seen Springstein live twice.  Other than the Boss himself, the highlight of those concerts was  Clarence Clemons on sax.  He is jist so fab.   I'll add a number of Clarence Clemons tracks but the first picked for inclusion was Jungleland.

The song itself tells the story of the "Rat".  Wikipedia does a decent job of summarising the story in the lyrics.

Personally I think Springstein is one of those artists who is good on studio albums and simply amazing live.  So rather than the studio version opposite, my personal preference is this great perfomance from New York in 2001. It's almost 11 minutes long!  Wow!  Between 4m and 4:20s  Clarence Clemons can be seen getting ready to blow and boy does he blow.  One of the great rock concert performances of all time, and you can vote for Jungleland in the poll if you think it is the greatest sax solo.

Jungleland Live (New York 2001)