Born to Run

Clarence Clemons / Bruce Springstein - Born to Run

Born to Run (1975) is one of Springstein's signature songs and the video showcased is a live performance from New York.  As ever Clarence Clemons is on tenor sax.  You can here his sax in the background from early on but the main sax passage starts just after 2m in and really races along at a gallop.

If you enjoy Clarence Clemons on Born to Run then I suggest you check out his performance on Jungleland, another Springstein classic, which in my opinon is a whole league above his performance here - yes, it really is possible to better this.

You might also be interested in watching an interview with Clarence Clemons on Letterman.  It opens with a performance by the "Big Man" as well.

Clarence Clemons on Letterman