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I love sax solos so on this site you'll find my choices for the greatest sax solos of all time. For each of the great sax solos, there is a video or a link to the piece so that you can listen to it, and text giving you some background and my personal thoughts on each of them. They are all listed in the sidebar, so just browse through them.

You can leave comments at the bottom of this page, but if you would like vote for the greatest sax solo of all time, or nominate your own choice of great sax solo, then you can do so over on the companion Sqidoo lens on the Greatest Sax Solo which showcases my personal top twelve pick of sax solos and includes more opportunities for you to interact. You may also prefer to leave any comments there as well.  It's also a good place to start if you don't know the tracks as you can see which have got the most votes from readers.

To keep the sidebar manageeble, some tracks which are good, but not great, have been added as sub-pages.  These bonus tracks are listed on the page for (what I consider to be) the greatest track by that saxophonist

About Kate Phizackerley

My name is Kate Phizackerley.  I sort of got started publishing on the Internet as a form of relaxation.  I have lots of material on the Web: some is professional like my Business blog; some is about the family and personal like my tribute to my father or Theban Moon, my personal blog; and quite a lot of it is about Ancient Egypt.  Publishing material about Ancient Egypt takes quite a bit of time - between running News from the Valley of the Kings, and various static informational pages some of which are at Squidoo, but which is increasingly on another microsite about Amarna.  Somewhere in and amongst all of that, I finf time just to write about subjects which interest me - music, films, perfume for instance.  This site grew out of one of those interests.  I had set up the poll as a Sqiudoo lens about the greatest sax solos and it's fine - so far as it goes.  Squidoo lenses are great for getting key information down all in one place.  In this case, that's my top twelve great sax solos.  But if I added anymore the lens - which is really just a single web page with a fancy name - would become to big, slow and unweildy.  So this site was born.  With a whole page to each track I can say a bit more about them - and I'm not limited to 12.  How many will there be in the end?  Who knows - it depends when people stop performing them.

Of course, there are selfish interests in developing this site as well ... it means I get to listen to some great music I'd missed first time around.  I hope you enjoy reading the site as much as I have putting it together.  I really would welcome comments, your contribution to the poll or over on the Squidoo site there is also a Plexo so you can nominate any sax solos I have missed

Thanks for stopping by

Kate Phizackerley